Will Spy Software Work on My Cell Phone / Device?

The most important issue with any spy software program is compatibility – will it work on your specific cell phone or device? In order to avoid any problems and above all else personal frustration, you should first check if your device is compatible with your preferred choice of mobile spy software.

Remember that you can only use this type of software if you have a mobile device like a Smartphone, a Tablet or an iPad. Monitoring is achieved via the internet so it goes without saying that your device must have a stable internet connection, either Wi-Fi or a data plan for the device – and a web browser. Check out my main Guide to Cell Phone Monitoring here.

Although rooting an Android is not necessary some features of monitoring require it, such as monitoring messengers like WhatsApp, Skype or Viber. As far as iPhones are concerned, they must be Jailbroken in order to install spy/monitoring software. Of course you can Jailbreak your own iPhone fairly easily these days, so don’t let that put you off! Device Compatibility spy softwareCheck out my guides on Jailbreaking and Rooting – plus a quick way to hide Cydia and the Jailbreak.

There are some new programs which can monitor some activity on the iPhone/iPad without Jailbreaking or indeed physical access to the target phone. Mspy have this capability – PhoneSheriff Investigator is another example But – do not confuse this with regular spy software – it works very differently, by accessing the iCloud account backups of the user. You must have the account details to make this work – usernames and passwords. It is good for your kids phones but has limited monitoring capabilities.

For regular cell phone monitoring software you must have physical access to the target phone and all Apple devices Must be Jailbroken.

Spy Software Programs

There isn’t one program which covers all types of cell phone, so you’ll need to look at each program carefully – they offer different monitoring features and support different types of phone or device. For example StealthGenie supports iPhone, Android and Blackberry (UPDATE: Stealthgenie no longer exists!)

The most versatile spy software programs are definitely FlexiSpy, mSpy, and Mobistealth – covering these three basics and covering Windows Mobile as well as the Symbian platform.

They all vary slightly with compatibility for the latest Operating System versions – you need to check them out individually before buying.

Finding the OS Version of the Target Device

This is quite easy. All operating systems have subcategories – iOS 5.1, iOS 9.0 etc. and in order to have fully functional spy software you have to match the spy software version to the OS version of your device. To begin with you must find out what operating system version your target phone is using.

  • For Android, go to Settings > about phone   – After that just drop to the bottom and you’ll see the version of your android.
  • For BlackBerry, go to Options > about   – After that drop to the bottom and you’ll see the version.
  • For iPhone, go to settings > general > about – and scroll down to see the version number.

Now that you know your OS (Operating System) version, all you need to do is get the corresponding version of the software.

Remember that cell phones often have differences when it comes to their names and model numbers but that doesn’t mean their operating system is different. Some sites display pictures of devices or phones to make it easier for you to find the correct version, however if you don’t find your device on any list – don’t give up. Just look for the correct software version and you’re all set to pick a spy software. Just match your OS version with the software program – regardless of makes and models.

When you have installed your spy software, don’t rush to upgrade the Operating system. Apple in particular push out new versions of their OS – and upgrading to the latest version could mean your spy program will not be compatible right away. device_compatibility-011Wait for a while until they release the version that’s compatible to your device and then hit the upgrade button!

Other Devices

As mentioned before, spy software is available for other devices too and not just limited cell phones.

Mobile spy software programs, like Flexispy, StealthGenie, Mobile Spy and mSpy have extended their software to cover other mobile devices, not just phones – Android tablets as well as iPads. Android can go without rooting, but in the case of an iPad/iPhone, it has to be Jailbroken before you can even think about installing the software. Just treat them exactly like cell phones in terms of compatibility – match up the OS version to the software program.

Choosing the Best Program

Before choosing which cell phone spy program you want, be sure to do your own research on each vendor and find the one that suits you the best. Match the features you require to the program. Then look for the compatible version in order to exploit all the features of your program. On each vendors website they have compatibility charts and tables, at the top they have printed the OS versions they support – make sure your device OS is on their list!

Research first, it can save you lots of time and frustration.

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