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Finding a useful review of spy software online can be a challenging task but with my real StealthGenie Review I hope I can help. Although you might think that most reviews are written by someone who has actually used the software, the thing is, a lot of those reviews are made up or they simply reiterate the specifications of the software straight from the program developer’s website! It just seems so difficult to find an objective, actual review, or at least an honest opinion backed up by some facts.

That’s why I’ll try and come up with an honest and helpful review about StealthGenie – one of the leading cell phone spy software programs – and hopefully it will help you make an informed decision. To buy or not to buy!

All Change!

StealthGenie no longer exists! The owner was forced to close down after a legal case. Meanwhile others have continued to grow! Have a look at my FlexiSpy reviewthe new bestseller, or take a look at mSpy – still lots of choice.

Have a look at my main Cell Phone Spy Guide – lots of detailed information, all you need to learn about monitoring a cell phone today – with software that works!

Generic Reviews Are Lame

I try to avoid paint-by-numbers reviews since those never really tell you what you want to know about the product you are stealthgenie spy softwareinterested in. It’s pretty easy to say – StealthGenie does this and that and here’s the link where you can buy it!

You could have done that yourself. My aim is to provide you with an insight into key bits of information that will really help you make your decision. This review, coupled with detailed info about the software you are interested in, should give you a pretty good idea about what’s what and ultimately lead you to buy the best software for your needs.

This site doesn’t just do a couple of quick reviews. Look around and you will find many useful articles to help you start using cell phone spy software successfully. I have tried to cover as much of this subject as I can – without boring you rigid!

My Personal Experience with StealthGenie

I came across StealthGenie after trying a number of spy programs which weren’t much help and some of them were downright useless – and yes I got ripped of a few times as well. When I first tried this product a few years ago it was not perfect – but it did pretty much what I needed it to and it initiated my interest in spy software, which grew over time and resulted in this very site that you are visiting right now.

I have StealthGenie installed on my own test cell phone right now (as always) – obviously I wasn’t going to spy on myself, but it’s the only way I could get an insight into its characteristics and keep an eye on how it really performs over time. Having it on a test phone lets me give a real opinion on the program – and I have done the same with every other spy software I’ve reviewed.

So, Is StealthGenie Any Good?

Yes it is! If this was any other review, I would go on and on about how great it is, proclaiming that it was the best spy software ever and end it right there. Well, sorry to disappoint but I’m not going to do that. You’re here because you have been burned in the in the past by useless and expensive software, which didn’t yield expected results. You’re also here because you want concrete information about what StealthGenie does well and because you want to hear about its flaws as well. You’re just going to have to read on!

What Is a Good Indicator of Reliability?

It’s very simple: if you want to get a good idea about spy software’s reliability, check out the company that’s behind it. Purchasing this type of software should be considered an investment since you are usually signing a long term contract with the company. These programs are affordable but they are not cheap so you don’t want to sign with the company that’s going tospy_software_works-022 go bust in a few months and which can’t keep up with the latest developments in technology.

And that’s the key thing why StealthGenie stands head and shoulders above most of the competition. The reason why it’s better that its competitors is that they’ve always been the first to introduce updates and support for the newest models of cell phones and operating systems over the years. This is something that is essential and shows a commitment to future developments. This type of technology moves very quickly – poor companies simply become obsolete.

StealthGenie is also more feature-rich than any other spy software currently on the market and is always the first to release new versions. The truth is, the competition is taking cues from StealthGenie, waiting to see what it will do next so they can catch up. But, even though they are at the very top, they aren’t the most expensive option on the market. Far from it, actually. Its money-to-value ratio is simply unbeatable – probably why it is the most popular program at the moment boasting over 100,000 active users.

Extensive Range of Cell Phones Supported

As for the definitive list, there isn’t one – none of the programs cover all phone types and operating systems. I keep the list of supported phones updated but if in doubt you should visit the StealthGenie website or contact their support.

The good news for iPad and Android tablet owners is that StealthGenie has extended its support for their devices too – just match the OS versions and you can now monitor them.

You can find the full list of supported devices on their website, and we’re just going to have a quick look at supported operating systems:

  • Android – all versions up to 4.4
  • Apple iPhone – all versions up to 7.1.2 including the iPhone5
  • BlackBerry – all versions up to 7.1

Top Monitoring Features

The bare minimum you would expect top spy monitoring software to meet in terms of features would be: text monitoring, call logging, GPRS tracking, email monitoring, browsing history and the list of files stored on the target phone. This is usually more than enough for most users but StealthGenie has gone many steps further and provided some useful additional features.

Recording Calls

One of the main reasons why StealthGenie pulls in as many users as it does. If you have the need for call recording, Stealth Genie software is almost your only option. Call Recording is only available for Android phones at this time! The only other condition that needs to be fulfilled is a good connection between the phones – bad connections mean little or no recording will take place. You can listen to recorded calls online or download the recordings onto your PC/Laptop for later playback. Recordings are stored in the online dashboard for around 30 days.

Monitoring WhatsApp and Similar Chat Applications

With the huge rise in these chat and messenger services, spy software apps are working hard to allow you to monitor them. Various chat clients and messengers can be monitored on iPhone, BlackBerry and rooted Android devices. StealthG have probably the most extensive list including: WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, BB Messenger, iMessage and Facebook Messages. They keep adding new ones!

Gmail Monitoring

Not only will you be able to monitor the primary email account on the target cell phone but you will also be able to monitor the primary account and all other Gmail accounts. Includes logs with timestamps and the actual contents of the emails.

Trigger Words

You can define trigger words and receive alerts every time the word appears in one of the texts or emails. Alerts can be range of cell phones supportedchecked online in the control panel or sent to you via text message.

Security Features

Depending on the package you choose, Stealth Genie will be able to lock and unlock the target phone remotely, which comes in handy in case it gets stolen or lost. You can also backup or delete data remotely as well. These features are great for business cell phones – some increased security for sensitive information.

Geo Fencing

Another feature which is unique to this software app. You can change the settings within the control panel to alert you via text and/or email when the target phone leaves or enters certain pre-defined areas. Great for kids cell phones.

The list of features goes on and on, and among those worth mentioning is the ability to start and pause StealthGenie remotely, remove the software from the target phone, fine-tune which data to monitor and how often you receive reports.

Buying StealthGenie Software

They offer 3, 6 and 12 month packages depending on your needs. You can choose the features you need from three levels:

  • Basic – covers most common features – $59.99 for 3 months
  • Gold – covers advanced features – $89.99 for 3 months
  • Premium – available for Android and includes call recording – $109.99 for 3 months

Just be sure to check all the available features for your subscription level – some features are only available on Android for example, or for the Premium package. Double check the features list before you make a purchase – they are all listed on the Buy Page of their site.

Latest Prices on the website here!


I have found this program to be reliable and the company are trustworthy – not likely to disappear with your money! They have worked at developing their software over the last few years and have come out as the best selling spy software app – they must be doing something right!

Now that you know all of this, there is still that elusive questions: is StealthGenie the best? Well, that depends on your needs. If you only want basic cell phone monitoring you might be better off with MobileSpy, which works well and is slightly cheaper. If you need something more advanced, packed with features and advanced controls, nothing beats StealthGenie.

Hope you find this helpful when making that final decision and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the latest developments – check back often! Thanks for reading.

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