The Great Remote Install Spy Software Scam?

Almost every day someone asks me about some great spy software they have found online that says you don't need access to the target phone or that can be installed remotely in some "magic" way. You know, just send a text or enter the phone number - some magic hidden file will instantly install spy software and you can monitor someone's cell phone. All for a one off fee! What could go wrong?

remote spy software scam

If you are interested - I go into more detail below. But if you are in a hurry and value your time and money read my next statement.

Monitoring software advertized online that claims to work by any form of remote install is A SCAM!

There are many reasons why this statement is correct and we could discuss them forever but know this - for every email I get asking about these programs, I get ten complaining about how they were ripped off.

The software doesn't work, sometimes it doesn't even exist - they send you a bogus file. Refunds - ha! good luck with that!

When you see - "Remote Install Spy Software" - move on and save yourself a world of trouble and disappointment

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Of course there are legitimate mobile monitoring software programs out there (read my main guide) - I review several on this website such as Flexispy and mSpy - check them out when you get a chance for something that actually works!

The Longer Version for Those Who Care!

Many programs are promising a new revolution in spy software. They claim that you can monitor someone’s phone without HAVING IT IN YOUR POSSESSION. All working Spy software programs require you to have the device you want to target in your physical possession, so if you can’t access it, that’s a problem.

So is it possible to spy on someone’s password-protected phone without even touching it? Do those products promising you this really work?

One Exception - Sort of!

There are some new spy solutions for Apple devices that can give limited monitoring using the users Apple ID and Password - mSpy have a No Jailbreak version for example. This is Not what the scam companies are offering.

This monitoring method does not install any software on the target phone - it is Not Spy Software - rather a way to copy backups from your Apple iCloud backups and report some data. It gives some reduced monitoring features but can't be compared to full blown phone spy software.

It also has a serious flaw - you must have the target phone users Apple ID and Password. Remember this type of service is Not what the scammers are selling.

Now on with the Remote Install Scam!

Whether you’re trying to see if your lover’s cheating (illegal), want to know if your employee is serving your company right, or using it for malicious intent, the idea of software that allows you to spy on someone without installing it on their device first seems too good to be true. And ... it is!

The software that claims to do that is a big scam, and they’re preying on your desperate emotions for you to download their junk software. Even if you see some red flags, the idea of software like this sounds too tempting.

You might be desperate for this to work - some people email me in quite a state worried about kids and loved ones - that is when you drop your defenses. It doesn't matter how much you Want this to work - it will not, and you will lose cash and pride.

In this article, we’ll explain why you shouldn’t fall for it.

Can You Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Accessing it First?

The answer is no. There is no way for you to spy on someone’s device unless you manually install the software on it beforehand. If remote installation was true, why would all the legitimate monitoring software programs not allow it?
There are two main reasons:


It is Illegal!

Spy software is meant for monitoring your child’s device and monitoring devices owned by your company. You must own the device to monitor it and inform everyone they’re being monitor. Otherwise, it’s illegal. If people could really do this, fraud would be going through the roof and the companies would be openly breaking serious laws.


You Can’t Do it Technically

The scammers will claim that you can spy on a phone without doing anything to it. All you have to do is install the software on your phone, call the phone you need monitored, and you’ll have access to everything they have. However, this is impossible - as they describe it.

Bluetooth Myths

For instance, if you own an iPhone, you cannot install software that’s not been approved by the Apple Store, unless the phone is jailbroken. If you do install it, after Jailbreaking, you need to call it using Bluetooth, not call it by entering its number.

To do this, both phones need to have Bluetooth connection, and both need to accept the connection using a code. Not only that, but Bluetooth has a limited range to the point where you’d have to be almost in the same room as them! - if it actually worked.

So you can’t call anyone from anywhere and instantly spy on them without their consent. They need to accept your Bluetooth pairing and be in the same area at all times. This is just impractical, and it’s never going to be feasible - definitely too good to be true.

To make things even worse, the files they give you are usually not suited for your current update, and most of the files are junk. In most cases the companies will send out old outdated files that will not open, let alone install remotely and work.

Can't They Send Me a File - that Installs the Software Secretly?

This is another angle some companies use, and still a scam. Again highly illegal and they couldn't sell it openly. They just use the idea as a hook to get you to buy.

People ask me - "can't spy software be downloaded on a phone without my knowledge - like spyware or viruses and Trojans?"

Well, I am no tech genius but I'm sure someone will tell me this is possible - and I wouldn't be surprised. But, the point is - this would not be freely available to buy online. Have you seen a website offering viruses and Trojans for sale?

Software that claims to work in this way is a scam .... again!

Google is Your Friend

If you see software raising red flags, Google search the software and add the word “scam” to the search. You’ll be able to see hundreds of testimonies from people who bought a piece of junk and couldn’t get any refunds.

However, you may also see reviews talking about how wonderful the product is. The sites they’re coming from are always dubious, as if the software developers are behind the positive reviews.

Usually, the reviews are written by people paid to write it. They’ll stress repeatedly that the product is not a scam, which just raises more red flags. They’re trying to fool you using good reviews, but if you dig past the fake sites, you’ll see that the product is junk.

So what’s the goal of these software developers? Their goal is to give you a useless product and take your money.

Usually, they’re overseas scammers. Once their product gets enough backlash, they’ll rebrand the product as something else under a different company, and it all starts over again.

None of them work, bottom line. And here’s how you can make sure that it’s a scam.

The Warning Signs

If they claim that you can remotely install the software from your phone, it doesn’t work. No company is going to release a product that does that, because they would be in so much legal trouble.

The sites use different buzzwords that set them apart. They’ll say it has a onetime payment with a free lifetime upgrade with no monthly charge. The problem is that they know you will not renew a monthly payment plan - they get one shot at your cash.

They may offer you a bundle or a few other bonuses if you buy the product. The software usually has nothing to do with the product they’re offering, and it may look a bit sketchy. A real company would not do this.

The scam website usually has a particular design to it. A legit product would have different articles about it and contact information. A scam page usually has very few pages and instead has headlines, tick boxes, one video, fake testimonials, and tons of “Buy now” calls to action. You’ll be able to see it coming a mile away.

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Granted, there is legitimate software out there for cheap or even free, but if the software is that revolutionary, they wouldn’t be selling it for so little. It would be like selling a giant 3D TV with the highest resolution imaginable for just fifty bucks. It would raise anyone’s suspicions.

If their business has limited payment options, it may be suspicious. Many businesses give you an option to use PayPal and other forms of payment besides cards. Of course, there are some legit businesses that have limited options, but this is just the icing on the cake. Usually, they don’t use other payment methods because it’s easy for you to get a refund.

Google their phone number and address if they have one. The address could be fake for all you know - look out for virtual office addresses.

These are just a few red flags to look out for, and these can apply to anything you buy online. They say “let the buyer beware,” and for good reason. Think before you purchase. If the site looks suspicious, do your research and make sure that you’re buying a real product.

What if, How About, What About the Government??

I get loads of questions and theories, most of which I can't post on this site! The bottom line is that there are loads of ways that different agencies, entities and individuals can target your phones, computers and devices.

You would need to be living under a rock to have missed all the debates about online privacy and NSA monitoring and leaks.

None are spying on you with commercially available software - especially NOT Remote Install Spy Software for $39 !!!

If the Government or other agencies are monitoring your phone, they can do it at source and you will probably never know or be able to prove it.

Rest assured that your jealous ex can't spy on you remotely by sending you a picture or secret magic file.

On the other hand, anyone Can install regular monitoring software on your mobile device (or PC) If they have Physical Access to it. That is scary enough for most of us!

Your Government Cares?

One thing I find ironic. The government will be quick to act, and have done in the past, to close down companies selling monitoring products that target illegal use in their marketing information - Stealthgenie comes to mind.

Their takedown led to others removing some recording features - even if the software is marketed in ethical ways.

But here is the kicker - the companies advertizing really illegal stuff, i.e. remote install, seem to be relatively free to falsely advertize features that do not work and even sell programs that do not exist (at least not working programs).

They are able to continue to take people's money and simply re-brand and continue. These guys need to be prosecuted!

Please Listen

Avoid any site that claims they can sell you monitoring software that involves remote install. Even if you find good reviews, they were more than likely planted there by the company itself. The people selling you this want to make money without providing a working product, and that’s dishonest.

I have NEVER seen or heard ANY plausible claim that one of these remote install spy programs has worked.

I have had over 100 emails and comments telling how they were scammed by remote install products that do not work - think about that please.

Be smart - and share this article with a friend!

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steven - November 27, 2015

So you can’t just send a text to activate spying – man there are so many adverts for this stuff – with no installation needed. Are they all scams? how do they get away with this?

    John Pruitt - November 29, 2015

    I know what you are saying. You’d think these sites would be closed down but the truth is they just keep moving – hiding online as it were. Most will be hosted from outside the U.S. and hard to stop legally. And yes if they claim remote installation they will be scams.


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