Parental Control for Cell Phones – Your Options

Taking a closer look at ways to use parental control for cell phones. Monitoring software, big name apps or carrier provided?

Protecting your kids has changed with the times. Today we have different threats to deal with and for those who are not very technically minded it can be a challenge. Kids of all ages are using cell phones and the modern Smartphone presents a whole new set of worries for parents.

With a Smartphone kids basically have access to a small, powerful computer with easy access to the internet and all the online threats which go with it. Parental control is a growing issue for responsible parents. Thankfully you have some options and you can use technology to help keep your kids safe.

Different Types of Parental Control

Everyone’s circumstances are different and you need to look at the level of control you need.cell phone parental control

Perhaps you are more concerned with avoiding large, unexpected bills from your service provider – some of the major carriers allow you to put caps in place for your kids phones – restricting the call and data use.

Maybe you need to go further – there are apps available that allow you to block certain other apps or functions such as stopping internet browsing completely or blocking YouTube and Social sites etc.

Both these types of control have one thing in common – the child will know that you are controlling their phone use. For many this is fine – especially with younger children. When it comes to teenagers this might not be your best solution.

Older kids are very good at getting around any restrictions you put in place – or adapting their apparent behavior to hide things from you. So what can you do?

Dedicated Monitoring Software for Parental Control

That’s a nicer name for spy software for kids phones! The best cell phone spy software programs like FlexiSpy, MobiStealth, and Mspy have actively targeted this market – they have recognized the need for parents to keep a closer eye on their own kids cell phone use. It is all legal and above board – and the child will not know that they are being monitored.

For some this might be an invasion of privacy but for others with serious concerns this software can be a great help in keeping kids safe. The level of monitoring you choose is totally up to you.

The Best Spy Phone Software for Parental Controls?

With spy phone software you can monitor most activities on the phone – read texts, see detailed call logs, track their phone using GPS and more. There are some features specifically aimed at child protection and monitoring.

Flexispy is the stand out product right now. They have the most advanced features list and cover many different platforms. They really take monitoring to a new level and have become the best selling spy software on the market – read my FlexiSpy review here!

mSpy is another very popular phone spy app. It competes well with Flexispy in most areas, although it does not have the call listening or recording features. Still a good service, reliable and value for money.

With Mobile Spy software you can have all the standard reporting features as well as App Blocking. This allows you to view all apps downloaded to the cell phone and to block access to any you choose. You can block access to individual apps and services such as web browsing – remotely from your online control panel.

With Flexispy and MSpy you can also set up instant alerts. You can define trigger words or names which when detected in texts or email will send a warning to your cell phone. You can do the same with specific phone numbers – you get an alert when they have contact with that number.

Both these programs also have the ability to monitor some of the major chat or messenger services such as WhatsApp, BBmessenger Skype, Viber Chat and iMessage – with the list growing all the time.

Your decision comes down to how much control you need or the level of monitoring you feel is appropriate.

Using Spy type software to provide advanced parental control for your kids cell phone is not for everyone – some just feel it is too intrusive. For others with major concerns it can be a great tool to help them find out what is going on in their children’s worlds.

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