How to Monitor Skype on a Cell Phone or Tablet

Skype started out as a very valuable tool targeted mainly at businesses. It allows people to connect from anywhere in the world without paying for long distance calls, and it also makes it simple to connect face-to-face via webcam or teleconferences. With a fully-featured instant messenger on top of all that, it’s one of the most popular communications programs on the market. However, it’s also very useful for social communication, and this has attracted many more casual users, including monitor Skype

Until recently, this was something of a problem for parents that monitor their children’s internet usage to keep them safe. Usage of web browsers is simple to monitor or control with various parental control measures and most messenger programs are fairly easy to manage as well.

However, the increased prevalence of cell phones and tablets capable of running programs like Skype is complicating things for the security-conscious parent. Skype cleanly bypasses most of the monitoring programs associated with these platforms. Even tech-savvy parents have been confounded with how to monitor Skype use. While this is synonymous with privacy for most adults, it is often perceived as dangerous for children who do not always know better or make wise decisions.

Now You Can Monitor Skype

Now, at long last there are options with some of the main spy software suppliers offering Skype monitoring. The best options right now for Skype are probably Flexispy or mSpy – followed by Mobistealth . These have the ability to track most actions on Skype.

Now you can monitor:

  • What calls have been made and to whom, giving both e-mail addresses and account names. This is invaluable if you are concerned about your children contacting strangers.
  • The time of call placement as well as the duration of calls.
  • Any and all messages transmitted through the messaging interface, as well as times etc.
  • Any images sent back and forth either direction, as well as when.

FlexiSpy now have call recording of actual Skype calls – the first and only program to do so at the moment.

The benefits of this depth of monitoring of your child’s interactions online are obvious, and extremely helpful. There are limitations to the use of this software, however. While it is now possible to monitor the details above, it still isn’t possible to monitor what is said in actual voice calls. The content of a video call or an audio call cannot be monitored yet. No doubt someone will come up with a solution but for now we have to use what we have.

Despite this limitation, it’s often enough simply to know who your child is contacting and when. This makes it possible to enforce curfews and to be diligent about who your children interact with online. If your child isn’t old enough to know better, this can help you to keep them safe. If your child is rebellious, the knowledge that their Skype usage is being monitored will probably make them think twice about abusing their computer privileges.

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t be necessary to monitor our children’s use of the internet. However, this new software at least makes it possible to do so if and when you think it may be necessary. While no monitoring program is perfect, the ability to keep an eye on who they’re contacting even when they’re on their cell phones and tablets is a great benefit to their security and for your peace of mind.

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