MobiStealth Review – Checking Out the New Version

MobiStealth is a good alternative to the big name phone monitoring software out there such as mSpy and Flexispy. They have been around for years, but this is the review of the newest version, released and updated earlier this year. I've been testing it for a couple of months now and decided to share my opinions.


Limited features - but reflected in the price.


Cheap - if you don't need extra features.

Easy to Use

Easy to install and  use but not as slick as others.


Good - plus phone support on Pro version.


  • Cheap options
  • Works well
  • ​Reliable company


  • Limited feature list
  • Limited chat / social monitoring


Mobistealth offers an alternative to the big names in cell phone monitoring at a reduced price. The down side is that you sacrifice many of the main features of the others. If you only need to use basic monitoring features, it works well and is reliable - a great starter pack!

Price from $19.99

They also offer a PC monitoring version of their software which has proved reliable and popular - I cover it in the Computer Monitoring section of this website.

First, let’s look at the old version of their spy phone software to give some context.

The Old MobiStealth

Reviewers agreed that MobiStealth had its fair share of problems back in the day. The product delivered what it promised, for the most part, but many hated its interface. It wasn’t user-friendly, it had its fair share of bugs, and its performance was poor compared to the competition.

For instance, the site used to go down a lot, so you’d be left in the dark until they fixed it. This meant that you couldn’t check your logs and information didn't always update.

You would think that MobiStealth would be a failed project, but they stuck around, worked at improving and now they have an improved product.

But has it really improved, or is it another dud? Let’s find out?

MobiStealth Reviews image

New MobiStealth Reviews

First, let’s look at their website. For us, a good company website is simple, yet informative. It doesn’t clutter its pages with fluff and confusing links, but gets straight to the point. This is a sign of a good company that knows how to market.

The new look website still doesn't look just as slick as mSpy or FlexiSpy - but it works well and is a definite improvement.

Speaking of marketing, they used to market it as a way to monitor your spouse. However, that’s illegal and not ethical. Instead, they now point out the legal reasons to do it, such as monitoring children and employees using the company’s devices. Most spy software companies have made this shift in marketing emphasis for legal reasons.

As I mentioned they even offer products for computer monitoring - arguably this has been more successful than the mobile version! Another sign of a determined company with development plans.

Staying updated is also a sign of a good product. Mobile spying software has to be updated constantly in order to conform to the updating devices that they support. A bad company would still be using the same software, which would have become useless by now.

People miss the significance of this - things are constantly changing.

The site also includes a few other ways to get the feel of the new software. One is their Online Demo, which simulates how the product performs. Most of the better products have these demo versions - they are a good way to get a feel for the interface and see how things are presented.

Again this one isn't just as fancy looking as some of the others but it has been improved and most importantly, actually works well. Looks aren't always the most important thing to consider!

So the site’s improved. But how good is the actual application?

Device Compatibility

This app has all the main products covered. Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and Windows Phone are all compatible. As with most competitors the focus for development is skewed heavily towards Android and iOS (Apple devices).

Right now, it’s compatible with:

  • Apple iOS 9.x
  • Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop)
  • ​BlackBerry - all except OS 10
  • Nokia / Symbian - Nokia series 60 and Symbian 3

Their website will give you the latest details on compatibility here.

Being compatible with all major devices is another plus for them.

Customer Service

Their site includes a live chat and an email-based support ticket method. It even has a way to contact them using snail mail! Their responses to me in testing were good - more responsive than most. They do offer phone support but only for their top Pro package.

As we all know, good customer service is important if you want to make sure your software is running correctly. If installation is difficult, it’s nice to have someone to guide you along as you install it. If the product isn’t working, having someone help you fix it is also important.

If you have been following my reviews, you'll have noticed that I complain about most of their support systems - all have significant room for improvement. To be fair, most have improved over the last year or so - as is the case with Mobistealth support.

Main Features

They now have three different packages on offer : Basic, Lite and Pro - going up in price and the number of features for each package. We’ll give you a rundown of the main features, and you should consult the site for more details.

Basic : This is the cheapest option - considerably cheaper than most. It is only offered as a 2 week license - it really is basic and is meant to just give you a taste of how the software performs. Only select this option if you want to test the software - the other packages are much better value for money.

Basic covers - texts, call logs, access to contacts, photos, and GPS tracking. This really is the bare minimum in terms of monitoring features - but enough for some people to get started.

Lite : This package has a few more monitoring features for you to choose from. It includes all Basic features plus - Browser history; Bookmarks log; GPS tracking; iMessage monitoring and appointments monitoring.

Pro : Their top package has a few extras - Picture and video logging; location without GPS enabled; Apps list; SIM change notification and phone support.

They do not offer any recording features - no voice call or phone surroundings can be recorded with Mobistealth software at this time. FlexiSpy is the only software to offer recording.


They have a monthly payment system for all three packages. Each payment system has its own length, which is three, six, and 12 months. Here’s the listing as of right now:

Basic    - 2 weeks $19.99
Lite       - 3 months $49.99   – 6 months $69.99    – 12 months $99.99
Pro       - 3 months $79.99   – 6 months $99.99    – 12 months $139.99

As you can see, the 12-month package is the better deal if you’re looking to use the product long-term. They do offer an alternative to the big spy software companies - and in many cases are cheaper. Just be careful to chose the features you really need and make sure your package includes these.

The thing to recognize with Mobistealth is that their Pro package is actually competing with mSpy and Flexispy basic packages, in terms of the features they offer. Still it is cheaper and may well be all that your situation requires.

Overall View

This is a good, safe monitoring app when all is said and done. They have a fairly priced product that can hold its own, and they’ve shown that they are a progressive company continuing to improve. With the money back guarantee that extends to 15 days if you have issues, you can purchase it with peace of mind. The Basic package is also a good entry point for your first use of this kind of program.

They have definitely improved from their old version of Mobistealth, evolving into a product that’s more reliable and has more ethical marketing. Most software does begin with kinks, but they’ve been working them out.

As we said before, while it’s not the greatest monitoring software out there, it’s a great alternative to the competition, especially for the price. Its features will satisfy most, and it is easy to install and use.

Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think.

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ang tsung - June 14, 2015

does this software capture Whatsap messages. both sides of conversation?

    John Pruitt - June 17, 2015

    Not at the moment. For WhatsApp you’ll need to look at mSpy or Flexispy – check my reviews for details.


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