Mobile Spy Review – A Reliable Old Favorite

Welcome to my Mobile Spy review, one of the more established cell phone monitoring programs on the market today. Often underrated in the past, they have been quietly forging ahead with new developments and new monitoring capabilities – competing with the most advanced programs.

Mobile spy is included in my series of articles looking at the best cell phone spy software programs and it used to be one of my main reviews – But No Longer.

Oh Dear!

It looks like Mobile Spy can no longer be hidden! Now when you install the software, a big icon box is shown on the homescreen and in the apps menu – not ideal in most circumstances.

I would no longer recommend MobileSpy – check out my reviews of FlexiSpy and MSpy for software that is actually hidden!

This is a good reminder about how important it is to constantly review these software products – things change – but too often the websites seem to lag behind. Sales of this software have plummeted – amid loads of complaints from users who didn’t read the small print that the software is no longer hidden! Kinda big problem for a so called spy app.

Check out the new look mobile spy website here.

Reliability, Reliability

I judge reliability in several ways –

  • Reliability of the software itself, does it work well?
  • Reliability of the company – are they long-established, with a proven track record?
  • Reliability of service – good help and support.

Mobile spy were one of the first companies to offer cell phone monitoring capabilities to the wider public – they have been mobile spy review iconaround for years. The reliability of this program is one of its major features and the importance of this cannot be exaggerated.

While other programs were moving forward with new fancy features, MobileSpy worked quietly in the background developing their products into one of the most reliable, working programs. In the last year they have made great progress and have rolled out new features to compete with all of the top spy programs. Now their feature list is as full as any of their competitors.

Combine the available features with a reliable program and you can see why they are so successful.

Mobile Spy Software Features

If you have been looking at some of the major mobile monitoring products you will be aware that they all offer certain standard features such as monitoring texts, call logs, GPS tracking and web reporting. In the last year some more advanced features have been added to the different programs.

  • Monitoring e-mails
  • WhatsApp messenger – and other chat services – Skype, Viber etc.
  • App blocking

You can check out their website for details of individual features.

Does Mobile Spy Work?

I have been using mobile spy for around three years and have seen some great advances in that time. As I said their reliability is a major strength. With so much conflicting information on the Internet it is difficult for people to find information that they can trust and they are always wary of software programs which simply do not work. Unfortunately there are quite a few of those around.

You need to evaluate Mobile Spy yourself – using some of the tips I have provided on this website to evaluate the company. Ask yourself this simple question – would Mobile Spy software have survived for so many years at the top of the market if it was a scam product and did not work?

The truth is that this company has been at the forefront of software development in this field. They offer support for the widest range of mobile phones and platforms – Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile are all supported.

With the latest release of new features in Mobile Spy 7 they now offer very competitive advanced features as well as their tried and tested standard monitoring. An added benefit is that they now support Android Tablets and the iPad. Now you can easily monitor these devices with similar reporting features.

One major change is that the software is no longer Hidden – all users will see an icon letting them know that the phone is being monitored. This will not be good news for some users. For legal users, this should not be a problem and indeed for business users it is a good thing – by law they must inform any adult user of the phone/device. Always use the software legally and responsibly.

Mobile Spy Prices

Another major plus point which is often overlooked is the value for money you get from this program. It is substantially cheaper than it major competitors. Their standard reporting feature list is also much more extensive than their competitors.
A standard mobile package for three months monitoring starts at around $49, the top program with their unique Live Control Panel will set you back around $139 for a full year.

With any of their annual packages you also receive a free subscription to their PC monitoring software – SniperSpy. There is no doubt that MobileSpy are the most cost-effective cell phone spy software program – which works!

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable product which works exactly as it claims, it is difficult to look past Mobile Spy. They may not look just as modern and well designed with their web layout but make no mistake that this is a software program which actually delivers. Add to this their attention to help and support and the great value for money they represent, you may just have found what you’re looking for.

You can buy Mobile Spy here.

That’s about it for this Mobile Spy review, don’t forget to check it out and see what you think. You can ask any questions in the comments below.

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