Jailbreaking – The Really Easy Guide

For those of you who are not exactly tech-savvy, but would still like to unlock some of the possibilities of your iPhone, this guide should be just what you are looking for. I’m not going to get too technical, since my goal isn’t to turn you away from Jailbreaking, but rather to show you that is it not as daunting as it first appears.

People seem to have a fear of attempting this – thinking you need to be some sort of expert or worrying about damaging their phone or device. There is no need – it really can be easy!

Once you’ve read and understood this guide, you should have no problems Jailbreaking your iPhone or other Apple device in no time.

Jailbreaking and Spy Software

Since we’re dealing with spy software a lot on this site, it is important to know that regular cell phone spy programs will not work on the iPhone or iPad unless you jailbreak the phone first.The programs I talk about on this site including – Flexispy Review, mSpy Review,  and MobiStealth – all need Apple devices to be Jailbroken.

One Exception … With a Difference!

mSpy and a few others do offer a monitoring alternative for Apple devices which does not require Jailbreaking. It is different from regular monitoring software as it monitors the device through the iCloud Backup service. For this to work you must have the Apple ID AND Password of the target phone.

No software is actually installed on to the target device (hence no Jailbreak required!). You get limited monitoring of texts, call logs, browsing history, contacts etc. The main drawback is that the reporting is not in real time but only updates when the backup is set to refresh.

All in all it is an alternative way to monitor when Jailbreaking is not an option – but do not mistake it as true spy software – it is limited and no software is installed on the phone / iPad etc.

On With this Jailbreaking Lark!

I’m by no means an expert, but I’m going to share my experience and also some tips on what to do and what no to do when Jailbreaking an iPhone. After reading this article, you should gain enough knowledge to do this yourself with very little effort.

If you are a little more advanced just skip to the parts which interest you the most. I have also provided some links to more in depth articles where you can research the latest updates and any potential problems you might come across. The technology keeps changing but I’ll keep updating this guide. Let’s get started.

Always Backup Your Phone First

I cannot emphasize this enough. When you are Jailbreaking your iPhone, you need to perform a full backup just in case something doesn’t go according to plan. If something goes wrong, you will lose all the data on your phone. The easiest way to backup your information would be through iTunes’ backup feature or using your free iCloud account. Once you’ve done that, you need to turn off the phone’s lock password – if you are using it. Also, you should not use your iPhone or PC for anything else during the process – close everything down. Next up, download the jailbreak program you will be using to your computer.

Download the Correct Program

There are numerous versions of the program available, so you will also need to match your iPhone’s operating system to the correct version of the Jailbreaking software. Finding out which version of the iOS you are currently using is easy. On the Home screen choose the settings icon, then tap General, and then About.

To see the details of your phone, scroll down and you will be provided with detailed information, including the version of the iOS running on your phone. It will be a number format iOS 6.1 or 8.1.0 etc. Now you can match the iOS to the corresponding jailbreak version on the download site.

I usually use two sites, with the first one covering most OS versions, while I use the second one just in case the first one fails to provide me with what I need.

Try http://jailbrea.kr/ first it is really easy to follow if your version is listed. In case your iOS version isn’t on the list, visit this site – iClarified – it will have the very latest Jailbreaking downloads as well as lots of iPhone information, a great site! Choose your version and go to the download section. Download the software to your computer or a laptop, and follow the instructions.

You might notice that some of the downloads will be in a zip file format. Don’t let this confuse you, the files are still there, they have only been archived and compressed to make download easier. To unzip the files, try some of the free software tools if you are not already using any (Windows 8 PC’s will do this automatically). I suggest you give 7-Zip a go. Run 7-Zip and extract the files. After that, you should have the extracted Jailbreaking software set up file, which usually end in .exe.

Connect the iPhone to your PC via a USB cable. Close all other programs before you run the Jailbreak .exe file. – jailbreaking app - cydiaiTunes must be turned off, too. When the program runs you will see the Jailbreak button, so click on that and let it do its job for a few minutes – be patient, depending on your system it could take a few minutes.

You will then need to open the Jailbreak icon on your phone’s Home screen in order to complete the jailbreak. Find the Cydia app and tap it to run it. It will perform an automatic update. And that’s all there is to it. Nothing else. Your iPhone is now Jailbroken.

If everything has been successful you will see the Cydia app on your homescreen – Cydia is just like a store app for finding third party software you can now install on your device. Of course if you are installing spy software, you might want to hide the Cydia app – so the user does not spot the Jailbreak.

Now you will be able to install any kind of spy software you want – there are thousands of handy apps available for free to customize your device – free from the control of Apple!

Moving Forward

One thing you need to remember – if you update your iPhone automatically to the latest version of iOS, the Jailbreak will be removed. The process is completely reversible – but this also means that any external software or apps (including your spy software) will stop working. You should disable automatic updates. If at any time you want to update, make sure there is a new Jailbreak available to support the latest iOS – then you can update the phone and repeat the Jailbreak.

I hope this article has helped you at least a little and showed you that Jailbreaking an iPhone is not rocket science and that anyone can do it. Remember to check back as I update this article with any major changes. Don’t be afraid of it – it really is easy and anyone can do it.

Some useful Jailbreaking resources:



Latest – http://www.iphonehacks.com/jailbreak-ios-8-1

Thanks for reading and good luck.

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susan - July 11, 2015

Is there a jb for iOS 8.4 yet? where do i find it – and future updates. thank you sir.

    John Pruitt - July 17, 2015

    Yes there is – do a Google search anytime to find the latest versions here is one – http://www.iphonehacks.com/jailbreak-ios-8-4
    I have some resources listed on this page – they are good for finding the latest Jailbreaks. Good luck!

susan - May 10, 2016

I have read that the jailbreaking can easily be removed – is this true and would it leave no trace if I had to take the phone to be repaired? Thanks.

    John Pruitt - May 12, 2016

    Yes it is totally reversible. Simply updating the operating system will remove any trace of ever having a Jailbreak. Hope that is clear enough and thanks for your question.


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