How to Hide Cydia App Icon After Jailbreaking an Apple Device

When you Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad the process will normally install the Cydia App. Cydia is just like an App store where you can find and install different software packages on your Apple devices - now that you can install different software, not just the stuff available in iTunes. All good so far!

Hopefully you have read my article about Jailbreaking an iPhone - so you are up to speed on that one. Now, as this site looks at many different spy / monitoring software programs, jailbreaking is a relevant subject. In this context it makes sense to ask how you can hide the Cydia App.

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When you Jailbreak any Apple device, the Cydia App icon is left on your home screen. You may not want the icon to appear especially if you don’t want the owner of the device to know that the device has been “tampered” with - or is being monitored. A simple step by step process will solve this problem of yours.

So How do You Hide the Cydia App Icon?

Are you worried? There is no need to be! There is an easy and simple way to hide the Cydia icon without deleting the program and without even paying anything for it. Follow these simple steps and get rid of the Cydia icon blaring on your main screen.

A Step by Step Guide to Hide Cydia

hide Cydia
  • Cydia App – Open the Cydia App and search for “SB Settings”. This SB Settings app does a lot of wonderful things - but that is for another time, right now just know that it allows you to hide icons from your home screen.
  • Install the SB Settings App – Download and install the app.
  • Once done, go to “Settings” - choose “More” and then choose “Hide icons”. Right about here, you should see a list of icons that this app can help you hide. You will find the ON and OFF sliding option beside every app’s name that is displayed on that list.
  • Find Cydia – locate the Cydia icon on the list and slide it’s setting to OFF and you are done! This will force the Cydia app icon to stay hidden.

Cydia is still on the phone/device, the icon has just been hidden and the program is hidden. The Jailbreak has not been removed either.

Now you have removed the Cydia icon, the most obvious sign of a Jailbreak - but you have a new problem (at least in relation to spy software and hiding the Jailbreak). Now you have the SB Settings icon!

You can simply follow the same instructions for hiding Cydia - toggle the hide icons - for SB Settings.

How to Get the Cydia Icon Back?

This question gets asked a lot - people hide Cydia and SB Settings and then realize they can't seem to "unhide" them! It is really simple, but only when you know how.

If you haven't messed about with any settings on the SB app, you can simply activate it by swiping the status bar on the phone / device. The status bar is the little bar across the very top of your screen - where the notifications show up.

Swiping to the left or right is the default action to enable the SB Settings app - then tap "More" - tap "Hide Icons" - and you are back to where you originally started. Simply toggle the on / off slider to hide or unhide any icons. Easy when you know how!

That's It!

I hope this has helped even the technically challenged amongst us. Now we know how to hide the fact that an Apple device has been Jailbroken - by hiding the Cydia app. I have put together a few resources from a few sites below - they will help you in more detail if you get stuck with anything.

Good video showing how to install and find your way around the SB Settings App -

Good resource for everything about Jailbreaking an iPhone - look at right sidebar for some useful links.

A good guide for SB Settings includes a video -

Some more if you are really into this and want to do more :

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John Pruitt