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Review of : Flexispy


The most feature rich program available.


Quite expensive but simply the best.

Easy to Use

Easy to install and easy to use.


Better than most Live chat and email.


  • Call Recording
  • Ambient Recording
  • ​Installation wizards - easy!
  • The most advanced program


  • Relatively expensive
  • Support could be better


Quite simply The most advanced monitoring program right now. It costs a little more than the competition but if you need advanced features it can't be beaten. The only program to offer call recording and surroundings recording.

Price from $68

FlexiSpy is not exactly a new name on the monitoring software market, but everything else about it is new and improved and it has become the best selling spy software in a short space of time. Why? - Simply because it is now the most feature rich program and provides a service people want.

If you want to find out how safe and reliable it is, or if it’s worth the price you pay for it, keep on reading. Real Flexispy reviews are few and far between, I own this software and use it regularly so see what you think.

flexispy tracking

Why Flexispy is The Best Seller?

It is now the Only software to offer :

  • Call Recording
  • Live Call Listening
  • Ambient Recording (recording the phone surroundings)
  • 13 Different Chat / Messenger / Social services can be monitored
  • Listen and record Voice calls on WhatsApp, Skype and Viber

If you need these particular features - Flexispy is your Only option.

Another factor in their success was changing the pricing structure, making them more affordable and competitive - they now have one, three and twelve month contracts.

Timing is everything - after the take down of Stealthgenie and with Mobile Spy not being stealthy - Plus mSpy, Highster and Mobistealth all removed call and surroundings recording - It is fairly obvious why FlexiSpy has grown so quickly.

New and Improved?

Right off the bat, I can tell you that its looks have changed, and that the app feels, looks and behaves like a fully-fledged premium product. Their website has undergone a significant re-design. This is important because, if the website is poorly designed, what can you expect from the software itself?

Check out the Improved Look Here!

Apart from brand new looks, the app’s Control Centre has undergone a major makeover, too, which is even more important because it is the brain of this software. The Dashboard is now much easier to access and use, with all the options and controls clearly laid out. Ease of use is important as not everyone using the software is going to be a tech head! Looking good so far....

Device Compatibility

The list of supported devices is pretty extensive and it includes Android phones, as well as tablets, iPhones and iPads, Blackberry devices and even Nokia cellphones sporting Symbian.

The usual rules apply - in order for the app to work, your target device must have some sort of internet connection - either a data plan or Wi-Fi. Also, all Apple devices need to be jailbroken before installing and using FlexiSpy.

The Operating System (OS) is more critical to compatibility than the make and model of your specific device.

I keep this updated regularly and right now they support:

  • Android devices – versions up to 6.x supported
  • Apple devices – iOS versions up to 9.x supported

Take care - some of the features are not available on all platforms. For instance, call recording is only available on rooted Android devices and iPhones. Check out their website to find out which features are supported on your OS - always double check the features you really need are available.

FlexiSpy - Monitoring Features

You can chose between two monitoring packages: Extreme and Premium. Extreme, as you would expect, has all the toys you can imagine, whereas Premium comes with your standard monitoring features, at a reasonable price.

The difference between Extreme and Premium Versions?

Extreme includes the fancy stuff - Call recording and listening, control the device camera and microphone, password cracker and spoofing tools (eg. send messages from the target phone).

Standard monitoring features in their Premium package pretty much include anything you might want in a monitoring app: call, email and IM chat messenger logging, GPS location and tracking, images, video, audio, contact lists, web browsing history, bookmarks, and social media accounts. Premium covers all the chat messengers and social sites too!

Pretty nice, to say the least. The Premium version is a direct competitor for mSpy, Mobistealth and the others and is priced accordingly.

Chat and Social Media Monitoring - worth a special mention

Flexispy boasts the largest list of monitored accounts and services - 13 and counting! Nowadays, this kind of monitoring capability is very important - especially with kids using different apps to send pictures texts and live chats. Now you really do need to cover more than just SMS text messages. 

Here is the full list :

Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Skype, Line, Hangounts, Yahoo Messenger, SnapChat, iMessage, BB Pin and BB Messenger.

VOIP Call Recording

Now you can record actual voice calls made using WhatsApp, Skype and Viber - the only program to have these features.

Make sure to check out the list frequently, as they constantly add support for new apps.

Advanced Features

I have mentioned something about FlexiSpy being unique, so here it goes. If you choose to go with Extreme version of FlexiSpy, you will be able to:

  • Intercept live calls
  • Record calls
  • Record phone surroundings – Ambient recording

Currently, only FlexiSpy offers all of these features. Due to StealthGenie having legal woes, Mobilespy, Mobistealth and mSpy pulling their recording options, FlexiSpy is the only app which can do all of this.

They can do it because they are not based in the US, therefore they are not required to follow US laws. The other companies are worried about being taken down if people use their software illegally.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean it should be used for illegal purposes, which is something that the manufacturer stresses many times on their official website - as I do too!

FlexiSpy Review Performance Tests

flexispy reviews

Throughout my testing, all of the features worked well and I haven’t encountered any major problems. Keep in mind - to record calls you need to have a rooted Android phone and good call quality, otherwise you may end up with only bits of the conversation recorded.

As for call intercept, it is not available for all devices. It’s sort of like a conference call, only you stay muted and can listen in on the conversation. The target phone needs to be able to support 3-way calls in order for the interception to work.

Personally, the call recording feature is the really valuable piece - very easy to set up and reliable.

Additional Features - there's more!

While call recording and call intercept are seen as the most important features, the app still offers plenty of other abilities that make it worth your money. For example, you can set up alerts and certain keywords, after which you will receive messages and email informing you of them. This is especially convenient for worried parents, since it will alert them if their child is using profanities while chatting, or mentioning drugs.

You can also block, close and even uninstall apps from the target with the help of FlexiSpy. Once you install the app on a target phone, you will also be able to upgrade and update apps without the need to physically access the phone in the future. You can even upgrade FlexiSpy to its Extreme package. You have lots of control over the target device once the software has initially been installed.

Password Cracker

Another feature that you get for free as part of Extreme package, but for which you have to pay if you go with Premium package, is the password cracking ability.

This features will record all the login details across all apps and social media accounts. It even has the ability to record target device’s passkey, provided that FlexiSpy was installed beforehand. It is basically an advanced Keylogger. As always be aware of the legal ways to use this software!

GPRS Tracking and Beyond

Advanced tracking features allow you to closely monitor the target phone’s location 24/7 using a live map. This feature also lets you see where the device has been during a certain period of time. On top of all that, you can set borders so that you receive a notification every time the phone leaves or enters the designated area, using the Control Centre.

What sets this apart from the rest is the ease of use - very simple!

Cost - I heard it is Expensive

FlexiSpy always had a reputation as the most expensive - and they were / and in some ways are! The old model was only available as a full year contract. Now we have choices - always a good thing.

You can purchase both versions of the app over a shorter time period, or buy a year-long subscription. Let’s see how much each of these options will set you back:

3 months-$199

1 year-$349

(Password Cracker included)

1 month-$68

3 months-$99

1 year-$149

Premium offers the best value for money, since you get pretty much everything you would expect from an app of this type. The competitors, such as MobiStealth and mSpy have cheaper versions - but you need to look at their top priced versions for a like for like comparison.

Extreme package on the other hand, is pretty pricey but it does offer features that put it ahead of the competition such as call recording, interception and ambient recording. If you don’t need these, go with the Premium package.

If you simply must have them, go with a 3-month package which comes with all of these features I have just mentioned. And yes, these are the exact prices – no hidden fees, added taxes or VAT.

Why You Should Buy FlexiSpy

Apart from the fact that it offers advanced features that its competitors don’t have, FlexiSpy has a few other things going for it.

It is extremely well hidden, which is mirrored in the fact that you can even hide the Cydia app, which is used for jailbreaking, or the SuperUser app, in case of rooting. It has no detectable files and you will not be able to see it in Task Manager, or the applications list. The company says that it won’t get flagged by your anti-virus either. Lookout Security, which I use, didn’t flag it, so I’ll take them up on their word.

Easy to Install and Use

Even though it’s not exactly a feature, the app is very user friendly - it has been designed to be used by people with limited technical abilities - most of us!

Once you start, the installation wizard will guide you through the rest of the process. If you have ever installed spy software, you would know how convoluted and complicated it can get, so kudos to FlexiSpy for being so easy to use and install.

Another thing that I also loved is that you can transfer your license and your subscription from one device to another, and even across different platforms, whereas other apps will only allow to switch between phones that use the same Operating System.

Customer Service and Support

One thing FlexiSpy didn’t have to improve this time around was the technical support, which has remained excellent. You can contact them via email or live chat app 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Plus, there’s plenty of information on their website on anything you might need, in the shape of Knowledge base articles and extremely helpful video tutorials.

There is another benefit to this – you get to see how everything works before you buy the software - spend some time and watch the videos!

Also, FlexiSpy comes with a 10-day return policy, which they will honor. It’s nice to see that at least some of the spy software manufacturers are ethical and keep their word.

In case you were wondering, the app provides support for multiple languages which include: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic and Thai. They will probably expand that list to include some other languages.


Based on everything you’ve read so far, it’s pretty easy to conclude that FlexiSpy earns a glowing recommendation from me. It does live up to its premier reputation - in my opinion. However, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing a copy.

For example their Extreme package offers advanced features that are unique on the market, but it does cost a lot of money. Granted, it might be worth it but if you don’t really need those extra features, you might want to stick with Premium.

Whereas the Extreme version has the edge over its competitors, FlexiSpy Premium package offers similar functionality to its competition, like MobiStealth or mSpy. They are also similar in terms of price, so you will need to take some time to think about which one is best for you.

Compare prices AND features to make the best value decision and get the software that is best for your needs.

Last, but not least, please use the software legally - since FlexiSpy is not based in the US, they don’t have to follow or abide by the same rules. However, you still need to use it within the boundaries of the law in your own country.

Thank you for reading and good luck.

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Sara G - June 7, 2015

Is it 1 license to monitor 1 phone? Also can I move it from one phone to a tablet say.

    John Pruitt - June 8, 2015

    Yes it is one phone monitored per license – but you can transfer it as many times as needed during your term, even between different devices. You first need to remove it from the current target phone (can be done from the online dashboard) and then install on the next target device. Good question!

Andre Lepuy - June 21, 2015

Does Flexi Spy software still record calls and phone surroundings. I noticed some others don’t do this any more but they used to. Whats the story?

    John Pruitt - June 23, 2015

    Yes – they are the only program that still offers recording – calls and surroundings. Other companies have stopped these services due to a legal case where Stealthgenie was taken down in the U.S. most of the companies are based in America and are worried of legal action for intrusive practices. Flexispy is not US based and don’t seem concerned – although do be careful to stay legal in your country.

Andre PT - July 4, 2015

I am wondering if it is kept updated for new iphone os versions. They update the systems regularly so will the software keep working? You say now version 8.x what is that .. 8.3? thanks I hope you understand my english.

    John Pruitt - July 4, 2015

    Flexi spy are usually first to update to cover new operating system versions. Right now they cover up to iOS 8.4 but it changes regularly as new versions come out. Always double check on their main website and I do update that part of my reviews regularly to try and keep up with the changes.

Lisa - September 1, 2015

Does this work with the AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) or Google +? Does the Android phone have to be rooted for the above mentioned?

    John Pruitt - September 17, 2015

    It will monitor those services but the Android device would need to be rooted – don’t let that put you off, rooting is easy to do.

MJ - September 9, 2015

does it have to be installed physically on all target devices before the user receives it? Can it be done remotely?

    John Pruitt - November 29, 2015

    It must be installed physically on the target device – you need it in your hands – takes about 5-10 minutes, but no way around this.


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