Common Problems with Mobile Spy Software Programs

As with any piece of software, using spy or monitoring software can have its problems and drawbacks. Granted, I have ran into a couple of them over time but specific problems are far and few between. Sharing my experience with others, I have learned that most problems related to spy software revolve around several topics. This guide is written with the purpose of answering some of those questions and I will add answers to new questions as they pop up.

However, I consider that there are only two kinds of problems with spy software – those related to the software itself and those related to the user. And as you might have guessed, user-related problems outnumber those related to software by a wide margin, with installation and set-up errors at the very top of the list.

By opting for one of the more established and reliable software providers, you will minimize the risk of things going wrong as far as the software itself is concerned – check my Flexispy reviews, mSpy, Highster and Mobistealth. These are tried and tested programs, have been around quite a while and have a large user base of customers – they have a track record!

This article is part of My Ultimate Guide to Cell Phone Spy Programs.

We Take Technology for Granted

Yes, the software program itself can be the source of problems, and often is! A lot of spy software out there that is being offered is just not ready to hit the market. What’s even worse, a lot of programs are barely a step above scams, so you need to keep an eye for those as well when purchasing software.

Furthermore, even if you go out and get the best spy software money can buy, that still doesn’t guarantee you won’t have any spy software questionsproblems. The fact of the matter is, software isn’t as problematic as we make it out to be. The problem lies within expectations we set for it and we will settle for nothing less than perfect.

Technology has reached such level that we expect it to work, any time, no questions asked! In case a “problem” happens, which could be anything that doesn’t meet our standard of perfection, we act like it’s the end of the world. The truth is, we have become spoiled and take technology for granted.

If you take a closer look at some of the user complaints, you would agree with me 100%. For example some user had complaints that their spy software is not recording all their calls – it missed one, even though it has recorded thousands of calls before that. Or, their GPS tracking goes down for one hour or less and panic strikes. Really?? Have real expectations to begin with.

It’s Much More Complex Than We First Think

What seldom crosses the minds of most people is what goes on behind the scenes when they install and use some spy application. The app runs on one of thousands of different cell phones, and each one of them runs one or more operating systems. The spy app monitors the phone activity on cell phones used in many different countries, across several continents, going through a multitude of service providers, transferring data via satellites in space, with reception that might not be stellar at all times, and in weather conditions that most of us could not handle. And then all that data is sent to an online website where you can log in and check out the monitoring reports. What could go wrong? Still wonder why that one call was never logged?

This rant has a point, too – we tend to take technology for granted without taking into account how complex it actually is. We expect everything to work flawlessly – all of the time. How frustrated do you get when your cell phone disconnects? Again, reasonable expectations will be rewarded!

The Infamous Set-Up and Installation Problems

Number one on the list of the most common spy software problems and at the same time the easiest to fix. The installation process for each of the programs is similar but not exactly the same. It really isn’t rocket science, you just need to pay attention to details and follow instructions.

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to follow the instructions as closely as you can. Yet in my experience, it seems to be one of the most common pitfalls. There is no need to rush anything – take your time. If you are a newbie, I suggest you choose a software company which has good technical support which will guide you through the process if it becomes too challenging or you encounter some unexpected issues – Flexispy even have an installation “Wizard”.

Problems with Spy Phone Apps

First of all, make sure that the features you have complaints about are actually supported by your cell phone. A lot of people are quick to complain about spy programs not doing what they were not supposed to do in the first place. For instance most programs can only report about URLs which were visited through the phone’s default browser which means that users were not be able to see all the details if the target is using a different kind of browser.

It is exactly the same with email monitoring – you will only get reports about emails sent and received through a default email client, although some programs such as Flexispy and mSpy can report on Gmail too. Before complaining, make sure you have a package that actually covers the features you need.

Playing Back Recorded Calls or Viewing Videos

Recordings and videos are compressed into 3GP format and they won’t play on Windows Media Player if you do not install the 3GP codec first. Apple QuickTime will play them without you needing to install anything. I recommend VLC Media Player which has not let me down so far. Sometimes recordings fail because problems can arise in the transfer of files, as they won’t play back if they aren’t uploaded fully to the software site, or if they have some sort of connection error.

Report Logs Have Stopped Coming In

There can be many reasons for this. For instance, the targeted cell phone might be turned off, or in an area with no cell phone reception problemsreception. If the user has updated their operating system to an unsupported version, it could cause the spy software to stop sending reports. Also, there is always the possibility that there is simply nothing to report!

The Software Website Is Not Working

Let’s face it, it’s very common for any website to go down for period of time and spy software sites are no exception. You might not notice with other sites but since it’s a spy software website, you are likely to log on several times a day which means you are more likely to notice if it’s offline.

These sites are very dynamic and they constantly upload new data and handle a large number of users logging on simultaneously. Luckily in most cases, these websites are well run and able to handle heavy use but in my experience, sometimes they will go down – rarely for more than a few minutes.

And There is Always…

You would be shocked if you found out how some people fail to realize the basic requirements of the spy software. For example, the target phone must have an internet connection with its GPS enabled in order for GPS tracking to work. Also, any iPhone needs to be Jailbroken and every app is cell phone and operating system-specific. There is always the possibility that your cell phone’s operating system is not compatible, or the spy app takes a while before it catches up with the latest OS update.

You see, most of these problems are not problems at all. A few missed calls or delayed reports is hardly something to complain about. Even though the technology is at a very high level, you still need to have reasonable expectations. A glitch now and then is something you can surely live with. Fix what you can fix and fully appreciate the possibilities of current technology.

Before you complain to the provider, double check that the problem is not You!

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