Buying Mobile Spy Software Safely

You would think buying mobile spy software would be a simple and safe process, but unfortunately it is not. There are several dangers out there that you need to be aware of and I think I can help. The information on this website is designed to guide you and give you a better understanding of how you can buy and use mobile phone spy software safely.

Scam Alert

Unfortunately in this market when you start searching online for cell spy programs you’re going to come across various scams. There are people out there intent on duping you out of your cash. This could be by simply selling you software which does not work or it could be even more malicious.

There are websites out there telling blatant lies, encouraging you to buy products which don’t even exist. You pay your money and nothing – no software download is even available, they have simply stolen your cash.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Here are a few things you can be aware of and look out for.

Fake Review Sites

There are loads of mobile spy software reviews scattered all over the Internet. It is incredible the number of small spammy

Buying Software Safely


looking websites who are promoting this type of software. It can be difficult to find anything of value amongst all the chatter.

You need to learn how to spot fake reviews.

Before you believe anything that is said in a review you need to take an overall look at the website it is on.

  • Does this website only do reviews?
  • Does it review 20 different programs – all great!
  • Are there are lots of banners and pictures supplied by the software companies?
  • Are there any real comments from users on the website?
  • Check the dates of the posts – anything recent, is it updated?
  • Is it a five page website – hardly going to be an authority!

Most of these signs above will give you an indication that the website has been set up purely to encourage you to buy their recommended spy software and so make the owner some money. As usual money is the driving force behind all of these sites.

Next time you do an online search for reviews, take a little time and get an overall picture of what the website is about. Try to judge the overall quality and if you are satisfied that everything looks legitimate, and then you could begin to take their review seriously.

Beware Scam Spy Software Products

Unbelievably, you will find many of these review sites mentioned above driving you towards certain spy software products. Some of these turn out to be little more than scams. Scam is a strong word but how else can you describe a company which sells software that it knows does not work anywhere close to how I they claim.

This is where things get a little tricky. It is sometimes difficult to find out which spy software actually works and is not a rubbish product. In an ideal world just looking at a few reviews should steer you in the right direction. But as we know in the spy software market this isn’t as straightforward as it should be.

The importance of finding good reliable information from legitimate review sites cannot be overstated. If you simply believe the first review you come across you are in serious danger of being ripped off.

When you come to actually buy cell phone spy software you need to look carefully at the website of the software company.

Again use your judgment – does it look legitimate, like a real business, are there any contact details – a real address and phone number? Again many of the sites may just be five or six pages with very little information and big buying buttons!

Of course why should listen to me, I may be just another of these fake review sites. I know I am not but you’re going to have to judge for yourself – the same rules apply!

Having worked with phone spy software for several years I believe I have more experience than most. I always try and test out any software which I recommend. You will also find some reviews on this site which are not very favorable – in fact I will steer you away from some spy software apps.

I have however found a few decent products, ones I am happy to recommend. It is not my job to tell you which one to buy but to give you honest information about what to expect from the software. At times I will also direct you to other sites in this market which I feel are honest and reputable. Rest assured that any links on this site will take you to safe websites, avoiding all of the scams.

If you’re interested in cell phone spy software have a good look around and check out a few of my articles and reviews. Hopefully you can find what you’re looking for and buy safely. It is very popular for advanced parental controls – check it out.

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